Amy & Wildee

She is creative, he is skilled. She puts it on paper, he makes it come to life. Together, we are building the business of our dreams. Wild Acres has been years in the planning, praying, & making. We are so excited to offer a space that all can enjoy!

Our Family

Wildee & I married in 2013, blending our families and coming together to live our best life. We have 5 boys and 1 girl…they keep us laughing, driving, cleaning, learning, grocery shopping, praying, smiling, thinking, talking… all the things.

Wild Acres

As a boy, Wildee (Wild Child) would help his Grandpa Ted on his farm. They’d work hard and then enjoy a nice Coca Cola. Wildee dreamed of someday living on that land and building his life there. When we married, we blended our families and our dreams and started working towards “Wild Acres”. We are so grateful to share this amazing space with others. It is unique in looks and feel. We feel like Grandpa Ted is smiling down and sharing our happiness.